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Siberian Cat Ancestry Unleashed: Welcome Home the Finest Pure-Breed Kittens


the Siberian cats

Our Siberian Cats hold the purest genetics to preserve the beautiful breed’s character and physical marks.

  • Playful and Intelligent: These cats are curious and intelligent and enjoy interactive play and mental challenges.
  • Adaptability: They adapt well to various living environments, making them suitable for apartments and houses.
  • Hypoallergenic Fur: Siberian Cats are known for producing fewer allergens than other cat breeds







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from a passionate Siberian
cat breeder

Getting prepared for joy

Embark on this feline-enriching voyage of companionship and love.

Happy and playful kittens

The perfect hypoallergenic companion for a cat lover of any age.

Our commitment goes beyond being a Cat Breeder.

It’s a symphony of love, care, and respect for these regal creatures. Every paw print etched in our care echoes the wild elegance of their Siberian lineage.

Rest assured that you’re not just bringing home a lovely kitten but embracing a legacy of affection and intelligence.

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Bring the love of a Siberian kitten home

We have been breeding the purest Siberian Cats in Florida for many years. Every kitten you get is CFA Registered ( The Cat Fanciers Association ), and WFC will have a Pedigree




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Choose your feline mates

You can choose your kittens if you want them from a specific couple of parents.


Get on the list for the next litter

We are not a volume breeder, so the available kittens are limited.


Come and pick up your kitten

Once your kitten is ready to go home, you will hear from us to schedule the pick-up.

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You will be on the priority list for our next litter of Pure Siberian Kittens in Florida.